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Welcome to www.pipelinemgmt.com. This comprehensive website allows you to track your business in a radically in depth level with minimal user involvement. By simply filling out a few simple boxes you will be able to track things like how many leads and closings each referral source provides. Imagine sitting down with a realtor at the end of each year and reviewing with them closing ratios and average purchase prices. Sharing their geographical lead and closing information, their average credit score, purchase price and loan amounts all supported by color graphs and charts.

Imagine reviewing statistics such as conversion rates and refinance to purchase ratios with your loan officer as a manager. This tool, through simple input on a daily basis, provides massive tracking potential.

Do you know the exact percentage of your business you receive from each referral source? Do you know the average cost per loan per realtor?

You will!

Enter your name and e-mail address to take a tour of a powerful new device that will elevate your business to a new level. Welcome to www.pipelinemgmt.com!

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